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thechilloutroom's Journal

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Welcome to thechilloutroom

This community is for all the fun people on LJ. We're not a rating community we're just here for Surveys, Scavanger Hunts, Superlatives, and chilling out!
You don't need to post an app, or even get points!
Each week there will be an Introduction Post that you can comment on and get to know the new's and the old's!
There will also be a chance to win Member Of The Month, with members voting instead of using a points system,
Basically, we're here for just making lj friends and havin' fun!
Whether you're procrastinating, have nothing to do or just fancy filling random stuff out, join us!


- You can join from any age but please be aware that there may be topics you feel uncomfortable with (such as drug use/sex/alcohol)
- Don't post an introduction, use the next Introduction Post</a>
- Please use lj cuts when posting a fair amount of pictures.
- Whilst it's funny to look at the drama of other people, don't be starting new dramaz here please.
- You don't have to post an activity, you could just post about your day, just have fun!

Here are the links you need to click on for our Activities!
They will be changed every week
If you have any problems feel free to pm the mod valleyroad

Treasure Hunts
Advice Pages